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Activities at Peanut Patch


Here at Peanut Patch Preschool we recogize that your childen need to be engaged in their schooling so that they can truly absorb the learnings. We offer a variety of activites for the children and you as a parent so you can watch them grow and learn. 

Child Of The Day

This is a special day for your child. He/she will bring show and tell, as well as have special responsibilities for the day.


A monthly newsletter will be available for you that gives you the most recent updates of our current activites. 


We will schedule a parent/teacher conference for four year old classes in late winter for each student so that you can see the progress your child has made during their time at Peanut Patch Preschool.  Three year old classes will have a progress report sent home.

Field Trips

Two or three field trips will be scheduled during the school year as well as having special visitors to the classroom. 

Year End Circle Time

On the last day of class, the last half hour the children will share their favorite songs from the year.

Graduation & Reception

We will have a graduation for all 4 year old preschool classes. There will be a short program where the children will sing a few songs. The entire family is welcome to attend.

 Optional Lunch &      
 Activity Day

All  regular day 4 year old preschool classes will have the opportunity to have lunch with their classmates and have fun on Activity Day.


Our curriculum is theme based so that your child can experience learning math, science and language arts through fun projects and activities. Our curriculum also includes Handwriting Without Tears®.

Holiday Festivities

We celebrate Halloween,Thanksgiving,  December Holidays and Valentine's Day by making fun projects and learning fun songs and finger plays.  The children Trick or Treat, participate in a book exchange and share valentines with classmates.  Lots of fun for all!

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